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HGF Complaints Coordinator: Mr. Ian Thomson; HGF Deputy Complaints Coordinator: Mr. Trevor Bailey.

How to Raise Your Concerns:

  1. Where your concerns relate to fundraising, you should initially contact the Human Givens Foundation complaints co-ordinator via the HGI Board Secretary:

    Mr. Ian Thomson    
    Human Givens Institute
    Church Farm Lane    
    East Sussex
    BN27 3TD

    Tel: 01323 811662,
    Fax: 01323 811486

    • If you are not satisfied with the initial response, please write to the Chair of the Human Givens Foundation. (Contact details as above).
    • If you are not satisfied with the response of the Chair, please contact the Human Givens Foundation trustees. (Contact details as above). We will endeavour to resolve your concern as promptly and as amicably as possible. We will acknowledge your query within 14 business days, investigate your concern within 30 business days and advise you promptly of the outcome.
  2. If these options do not meet your concerns, The Fundraising Standards Board will investigate your complaint and report their findings to you within 30 days.

    If you are still dissatisfied, you can ask the Board of Directors of the Fundraising Standards Board to look again at your complaint. Their decision will be made within 60 days and will be final. The Human Givens Foundation agrees to abide by decisions made by the FRSB Board.

  3. Where your concerns relate to Public Collections, please contact:

    • the Local Authority Licensing Officer
    • the Police
  4. Where your concerns relate to:

    • dishonest handling of funds,
    • misapplication of charitable funds,
    • actions that contravene the Human Givens Foundation trust deed or charity law,
    • actions that threaten to bring the Human Givens Foundation into disrepute
  5. you should contact the Charity Commission by telephoning 'Charity Commission First Contact' on 0845 300 0218 - lines are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, except national holidays. For more information please see here.

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